01March 2024 / Articles

Upholstery Foam

F.C. Hancox is a family run business who have been supplying foam and upholstery sundries to retail, trade and the furniture industry since 1960.   Fred Hancox started his upholstery business in 1960 and as his business grew, in 1971, he set up a shop in Bournemouth. He was later joined by his son Richard. The company’s...

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29June 2023 / Articles

Where to Buy Foam

Where to Buy Foam

You have arrived at this article, Where to Buy Foam, on the website of a company that sells foam and if we answer the question with, ‘Buy foam from us!’ you’d be tempted to think, ‘They would say that, wouldn’t they?’ So, in this article, we are going to explain why we are a great company from where to buy foam for all kinds of...

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14March 2023 / Articles

How to Clean Foam

how to clean foam

It’s difficult to imagine a world without foam. With many types of foam and an infinite number of applications, it is likely there is foam in every home. Most of the foam in domestic situations is in furnishings and beds and is subject to constant usage and for this reason, they can need cleaning. Cleaning foam in the home is not too...

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09February 2023 / Articles

Waterproof Foam

waterproof foam

There are different types of waterproof foam. Foam is an extremely versatile product with a multitude of uses, both indoors and outdoors. Common sense tells us that, in particular for outdoor use, most applications will need a waterproof foam. In this article we look at waterproof foam, how it differs from other foams and how using a...

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DFS Replacement Cushions

We furnish our homes, not only for style but also for comfort and in living rooms across the country sofas are the popular choice for our relaxation. A new suite is an expensive item for most households, so we need to take care of them. But what do you do if the cushions become flattened or you’d like them to be firmer? In this article, we look...

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