07July 2021 / General

Foam Samples

foam samples

Are you uncertain as to what type of foam would be the best for your project? Would you like to see and feel the product before you buy? Then why not use our foam samples service? With such a great variety of foams available it might seem difficult to choose the ideal one for your needs. Of course, our friendly staff are happy to help, but...

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Outdoor Foam for Pubs and Restaurants

It was the news we’ve all been waiting for, an end to the Covid pandemic restrictions and the reopening of the hospitality industry. It’s a cautious approach and for a while our favourite hotels, pubs, and restaurants will only be able to serve us outside, but that’s a great start. Last summer and autumn, savvy businesses devised clever...

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Foam Cut to Size Online

Visitors to F.C. Hancox’s website now have a wider range of shapes to select from when they order their foam cut to size online. The move comes as a result of feedback from customers who wanted a greater choice of shapes when planning their foam projects. The simple online system allows customers to select the nearest shape to their...

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26November 2020 / Articles

Fix a Sagging Sofa

Fix a Sagging Sofa

We all love our sofas they’re places for rest and relaxation and we often have a favourite seat. Constant use can result in sagging couch cushions, which in turn can look unsightly. A new sofa is a costly item so, what can you do to fix a sagging sofa and give it a new lease of life? Firstly, you need to check if it’s the cushions that...

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21February 2018 / News

Foam for soft play centre

Foam for soft play

Foam for a soft play centre was quickly supplied after a bad flood. F.C Hancox were quick to help, supplying CMB6 chip foam to replace all the damaged foam. After a phone call early morning from a customer who's client had substantial water damage to their soft play centre. F.C Hancox were asked if they could assist and supply enough foam to...

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