Outdoor Foam

Foam for Outdoor Furniture

F.C. Hancox supplies outdoor foam that is ideal for a wide variety of uses. Long-lasting and comfortable, it is perfect for items such as sunbed mattresses, patio furniture, garden cushions and for boat deck-top cushions and we widely supply our foams to the leisure and marine industries.

Reticulated Foam

Where outdoor foam is desired it needs to be reliable, durable and able to withstand all weathers, so we offer calipore foam which is manufactured to high standards. Calipore outdoor foam is reticulated, meaning it has a web of open pores that allow water to pass through with ease and air to circulate through. This makes it long lasting, waterproof with fast drainage and therefore makes this dry fast. Calipore also has antibacterial properties that prevents mould and fungal growth that can often be an issue with outdoor products. The foam and the antibacterial application both meet European regulations.

Outdoor Cushions – Filling Replacement

If you’re looking for foam to replace your existing cushion foam, simply measure your cushion cover to find out the dimensions. Once you have the dimensions for your replacement foam visit our ‘Foam Cut to Size‘ page and follow the simple steps to get your quote. If you’re happy you can replace your order with UK delivery available.

Outdoor Foam Uses

We can supply foam for all your needs, we’ve had various requests and are available for projects small or large. Here are some of our most recent outdoor applications.


If you have any questions F.C. Hancox’s experienced technicians would be happy to help, please use the ‘Ask a Question’ from on the right or give us a call on 01202 486956.


Please note: Outdoor foam doesn’t comply with the indoor foam regulations and therefore should not be used or taken inside.

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