Outdoor Foam for Pubs and Restaurants

It was the news we’ve all been waiting for, an end to the Covid pandemic restrictions and the reopening of the hospitality industry. It’s a cautious approach and for a while our favourite hotels, pubs, and restaurants will only be able to serve us outside, but that’s a great start. Last summer and autumn, savvy businesses devised clever ways to serve people, keeping to social distancing rules. They will have their thinking caps on again to find the best ways to ensure customer safety and comfort for this transition period and beyond. Most will be looking into customer comfort outdoors. However, it’s been reported by the Leisure and Outdoor Furniture Association that its members are having problems with garden furniture supply. It says high demand, coupled with shipping problems are to blame, especially costs, which have spiralled. Even the furniture giant Ikea is having difficulties. But there is a solution.

If you own or manage a pub, hotel or restaurant the one thing you’ll be thinking about will be seating so if you are having problems in sourcing new furniture, then why not refurbish what you have, or create your own?  There are lots of ideas online, such as pallet seating but these need foam, and in particular outdoor foam and waterproof foam cushions, and F.C. Hancox is a top supplier of foam for outdoor seating.

When you are considering foam for outdoor cushions, the best type to use is our Calipore reticulated foam. This type of open cell foam has a unique construction that allows water to pass through easily. This makes the foam fast drying because it doesn’t retain moisture in the same way as indoor foams can do, in fact it can dry quickly even after being saturated.

Properties of Outdoor Foam

The make of reticulated foam supplied by F.C. Hancox to use particularly as outdoor foam is called Calipore. This foam is hard wearing and perfect for the hospitality industry and is the best foam for outdoor cushions in beer gardens, patio areas, pub gardens and outdoor dining. Calipore provides another benefit and one that’s important in the current situation, it has antibacterial properties from the additives incorporated during the manufacturing process. The good news is that these additives are harmless to the environment, meeting European standards. As well as this antibacterial component Calipore’s open-pore make up and quick-draining property prevents mould and other fungal growths that can occur when denser foams are left outside to face the elements. Calipore is an ideal choice when it comes to dry fast foam for outdoor cushions. As it is an outdoor foam, it does not comply with the indoor foam FR regulations.

Outdoor Foam Cut to Size

Perhaps your premises already has foam cushions for outdoor furniture, but they were not the correct foam or have sagged or become misshapen. Or maybe they just look tired, worn, or outdated. If this is the case, it’s easy to replace the foam with new outdoor seat cushion foam. Our foam cut to size service makes this simple to order and we also have guidance on how to measure the cushion to ensure the foam fits into the cover perfectly. Alternatively, you could purchase new cushion covers and order the new foam using the same system. This is a cost-effective way of not only upgrading the cushions to a better quality, but also revitalising the look of your outdoor areas, making them attractive and inviting.

So, don’t let lack of new furniture get in the way of your plans. Whatever your requirements for outdoor furniture foam, then F.C. Hancox is happy to advise on ordering your foam and of the best way to keep the project cost-effective in these trying times for businesses.

If you have any questions about outdoor foam for pubs and restaurants please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01202 486956 or any of the other contact methods on our website. If you would like to place an order please click on the button below.

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