Foam for Garden Furniture

Foam for Garden Furniture

The range of seating and furniture available for gardens is limited only by the imagination. From expensive dining and lounging furniture to swing seats or a plain bench all these are made comfortable with foam cushions. If you are looking for foam to add to seating that comes without a cushion or are wanting to replace tired and worn-out cushions, then our foam cut to size service can provide foam for all your garden furniture.

Arbours, bench seats and stone seating are not usually supplied with cushions so are ideal for a small project. We’ve seen funky seating created from old pallets, painted and finished with foam cushions and even storage boxes given a dual use. Whatever the project F. C. Hancox can provide a range of foams cut to the size you need. If you are simply replacing foam, then measure the existing cover – there’s a handy guide on how to do this under the ‘Support’ tab.

The thing to bear in mind when choosing the foam for garden furniture is whether it will be left outside or brought for indoor use too. Calipore outdoor foam is specially made to allow water the pass through, so can be left outside, however, it is one foam that does not comply with indoor foam regulations. Memory foams are great for comfort, though we have a range of foams that are suitable for seating cushions. A good choice would be CMF35 foam. This is a firm seating foam that can be cut to any thickness, though this is not weatherproof and will need to be brought inside. It is also cheaper than Calipore.

Our friendly staff are available to answer any questions you might have, so please do give us a call if you have any questions.

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