Foam Headboard

Foam Headboard

Create your own foam headboard

Shopping for headboards is often frustrating. Looking at a standard headboard there seems nothing to its construction, yet they can be a pricey item to buy and it may be difficult to find one that is the ideal size and perfect colour you’re looking for. You might consider refurbishing an existing headboard, or another inexpensive way to have a new foam headboard is to make one yourself. Refurbishing or creating a new foam headboard will guarantee that is just the right size and shape, comfortable to sit up against and perfectly matches the décor of the bedroom.

How to create your headboard and choosing the right foam.

There are some great examples of DIY foam headboard designs along with ‘How to’ instructions available online, the only limit is your imagination. Materials for a new headboard can be basic and cheap to buy from a good DIY store, and, of course, the easiest way to get the foam, cut to the size you need, is from F.C. Hancox.  A foam headboard does not need expensive foam, so use a general-purpose foam from the CMF range. Composite Metal Foam is a lightweight and strong foam, yet low cost. For a foam headboard, we recommend the CMF30H, a general purpose, white value foam, also ideal for cushion backs should you wish to match the headboard with other furnishings. Alternatively, you could choose a firmer foam and CMF35 Blue will be perfectly adequate. (Please note the CMF30H has a maximum size of 80”x44”.)

With F.C. Hancox’s foam cut to size service it is easy to order foam for your foam headboard, simply complete the following steps. All you need to do is choose the rectangular shape, add your dimensions and select the foam. This will also give you the price, perfect for helping with budgeting your project. If you’re unsure, simply give us a call on 01202 486956 and we’ll be happy to help.

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