Campervan Mattress

Campervan Mattress

Are you looking for the perfect campervan mattress? F.C. Hancox, has a range of foams ideal for this purpose and we can cut the foam to any size, ensuring a snug fit wherever it will be placed.

 The big attraction of owning a campervan is the freedom to roam, stopping almost anywhere and enjoying the surroundings. It’s little wonder this mode of transport is becoming so popular. Journeys are made complete with a good night’s sleep, ready for the next day’s adventure. Having a comfortable campervan mattress is essential to make the most of the independence afforded by a campervan.

Campervans differ from motorhomes. Motorhomes are purpose-built and much larger than a campervan. Campervans are converted vans and if someone mentions a campervan, most of us will have the image of a classic Volkswagen. Campervans have some advantages over motorhomes. Being smaller they are much easier to park. They can be driven on an ordinary licence whereas larger motorhomes need a different category of driving licence. However, the main purpose of each is life on the road and both are designed for sleeping in.

Almost any van can be converted into a campervan and as well as VWs, Ford Transits and Renault Trafic are among the popular choices. You may be converting a new van, or you have purchased one second-hand either way you will need a campervan mattress.

Campervan Mattresses

Whether you are needing new or are replacing tired old mattresses it’s easy to make one yourself and you can find the perfect campervan mattress foam at F.C. Hancox. With our Foam Cut to Size service, you can slot the mattress into a space of any shape or size. We have a great choice of foams to ensure your comfort and a great night’s sleep.  For the ultimate comfort in a campervan mattress, we would recommend grey reflex foam which offers outstanding support by adapting to your body shape when in use. Often, we are asked if it’s possible to have a memory foam mattress. The answer is yes, though in this case, we would advise a combination of foams as we can stick foams together (laminate). For example, we suggest 4 inches (10cm) of Reflex 400H foam along with 1 or 2 inches (25mm – 50mm) of Vasco 50 memory foam on top. For this option simply write in the comment section at checkout for the foams to be stuck together. However, if you are on a budget our CMF foams are a firm alternative.

It is easy to order your campervan foam and we have a great how to measure foam guide for measuring the sleeping space where the mattress is to be situated. If you are at all unsure about ordering foam for your campervan mattress, then do give us a call where our friendly staff are on hand to help.

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