Sunbed Foam Mattresses

Sunbed Foam Mattresses

Whilst there are numerous cushions available commercially, many people like to simply replace the sun lounger foam in existing cushions and others like custom making their own. If this is you, then F.C. Hancox stocks a variety of quality foams suitable for sun loungers. The important questions to ask if you are looking to replace your sun lounger foam or want new foam for an existing lounger, are about storage and your budget.

If you have indoor, or covered storage for the cushions, then our CMF35 foam can be used. This type of foam is not outdoor weatherproof and would need to be brought indoors for storage to protect it from the elements and to avoid mould developing. For those on a budget this would be the best and an inexpensive choice. CMF35 foam is a firm seating foam that can be cut to any thickness. However, if the cushions are to be left outside, then the best option is Calipore foam. Calipore foam costs more than CMF35, however it has the benefit of being an outdoor foam, manufactured to withstand the elements and enable the sun lounger foam cushions to remain on the furniture whatever the weather. (Please note, outdoor foam should not be used indoors as it doesn’t comply with the indoor foam regulations).

In both instances, for easy fitting, carefully measure the existing foam whilst still in the cover or measure the outside of the new covers, pulling them taught. We do have a guide to measuring, so do check it out if you are unsure. Once you have your measurements go to our foam cut to size page, insert the dimensions (ensuring you select the correct units), then choose your foam. You can do this as many times as you want, so you can compare the cost of each foam type. Once you’ve added the dimensions and selected the sun lounger foam, you will get an instant quote.

For an instant quote on Sunbed Foam Mattresses, please choose a foam shape...

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