Which foam is best for mattress?

Baby/Infant Mattress – You must use a Reflex foam for a baby or infant mattress, we would suggest using the Reflex 400H or the Reflex 500 Pink. These are both high quality Reflex foams that will provided a comfortable night’s sleep, both foam types have similar firmness’s with the Reflex 500 Pink being the softer of the two.

Regular Mattress – If you are looking for a replacement foam for your every day or frequently used mattress we would recommend a Reflex foam. Either the Reflex 400H Grey or the Reflex 500 Pink will give you good support, with the Pink being the softer option of the two. You can always add a Vasco 50 memory foam topper for added comfort.

Infrequent use/Guest mattress – If you are looking for a cheap occasion mattress you could use the CMF38 Blue, it is a firmer foam option but would do the job!!

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