We furnish our homes, not only for style but also for comfort and in living rooms across the country sofas are the popular choice for our relaxation. A new suite is an expensive item for most households, so we need to take care of them. But what do you do if the cushions become flattened or you’d like them to be firmer? In this article, we look at DFS sofa cushion replacement, though it also applies to other sofa manufacturers.

DFS Replacement Cushions

When choosing a new sofa, it’s a good idea to do some homework first. There is an almost infinite array of design and fabric options. It’s worth considering if the cushions on the chair or sofa are loose or fixed as this affects aftercare. Whilst not always the case, with DFS sofa cushions leather tends to be fixed, but fabric sofas tend to have loose cushions. It is here that you have more flexibility for future renovations.

Sagging and Flattening in DFS sofa cushions

It isn’t only DFS cushions that can do this. Depending on the type and quality of the foam, most cushions will sag over time. Preventative measures for fixed foam seating include regular ‘plumping’, where you ‘massage’ the cushion to push the filling back into shape. Changing fixed sofa cushions is a job for a professional upholsterer. However, where you have loose cushions flattening and sagging are usually easy to remedy. So, if your DFS cushions have gone flat or are sagging, then consider replacing the foam. Whether it’s your sofas or chairs, it is easy to do with F.C. Hancox’s foam cut-to-size service.

Where to start with DFS replacement sofa cushions

There are two things to focus on with DFS replacement cushions, and that’s the covers and the foam.


In what condition are the covers? If they are in good condition, then you probably need only replace the foam.  If the covers need cleaning DFS’s recommendation is that they should be dealt with by a professional cleaning company. They should not be laundered in a domestic washing machine as this can damage the fabric. Damage includes colour bleeding, damage to the pile of the fabric and even shrinkage of the fabric.

If you can sew, then using the old cover as a template you could make new covers. This also allows you to change fabrics and colour schemes. Alternatively, a professional upholsterer or craftsperson could do this for you. It will give your suite a new look.


You have decided about the covers, so now you need new foam. This is where you can make changes to the feel and comfort of your DFS cushions. You are probably happy with the original foam type, after all, you will have chosen the sofa for its comfort. You may however wish to take the opportunity to change the level of support the cushions give you. F.C. Hancox stocks a variety of foams that are suitable for lounge suites, sofas, and chairs. They each have different attributes and vary in cost. It is easy to mix the foams too, choosing a different foam for the seat cushion to the cushions that support your back.

Which foam for your DFS sofa cushions?

For seating, we recommend our CMF or Reflex foams. For ultimate comfort, we also have available excellent memory foam.


Our CMF foams, whilst at the lower end of the price range, are high-quality firm seating grade foams. We have four to choose from, with CMF 38 and CMF 35H being good choices for DFS cushions.

  • CMF 50 – Hard seating foam, if you like your cushions very firm
  • CMF 38 – High-quality and firm, suitable for all seating
  • CMF 35H – Firm, suitable for all seating
  • CMF 30H – A general-purpose foam, more suitable for cushion backs


Our reflex foams are high-grade, high-density foams providing excellent comfort and support, and are our most popular choice when replacing DFS cushions. They are called ‘reflex’ foams as they adapt to the shape of the body and then bounce back to regain their shape once the weight has been lifted off.

  • Reflex 500 – Medium softness offering comfort and support – our most popular choice.
  • Reflex 500 soft or gold foams – Luxury soft seating grade foam – Ideal if you are replacing fibre or feather seat cushions and want that softness recreated but with foam.
  • Reflex 400H – A medium to firm foam, has a higher resilience but still offers comfort and support – The perfect choice if you are wanting a firm supportive seat, but with the quality of a Reflex Foam.
  • Reflex 300 – The recommended foam for replacement back cushions.


While Memory foam is not recommended for the whole cushion, a memory foam topper is a good addition to any firm seat if you are looking for an extra layer of comfort. We would recommend a maximum thickness of 50mm to be included in the overall thickness of your cushion. When something is advertised as a ‘memory foam cushion’ it normally only has a thin memory foam layer on top.

Getting the perfect piece of foam for your DFS sofa and chair cushions

You can find out how easy it is to measure standard cushion covers or older pieces of foam to order new foam for cushions of all kinds here: ‘How to Measure Foam‘. However, DFS supplies a wide range of sofas and not all of them have a standard rectangular shape.

Corner sofas have large cushions usually with a concave (curving inwards) piece around the backrest. Similarly, chaise ends also have such curves. Some of DFS’s seating has all-rounded edges and unusual shapes, a good example is a swivel chair with a convex (curving outwards) front and concave insets at the sides to fit into the seat’s base.

On our foam cut-to-size page, we have a variety of shapes to choose from and if the shape you need isn’t represented, we have a custom shape option. If you aren’t confident enough to complete the measurements, F.C. Hancox’s friendly staff will be only too happy to help.

Is the foam easy to fit?

Providing all the measurements are correct it will be easy to fit the foam you have purchased into your cushion covers. Bear in mind that the foam will fit snugly, otherwise, your cushion covers will pucker in use. A great and inexpensive way to make inserting your foam easier is to add a stockinette cover. There are different weights of stockinette, and you have the option to add this as you go through our easy, online ordering process.

Updating your DFS sofa’s, cushions and chairs with new foam will give this expensive household item a new lease of life and with F.C. Hancox foams the process can be easy and inexpensive. If you are unsure of any part of purchasing foam for your DFS replacement cushions, then simply get in touch.

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