Fix a Sagging Sofa

26November 2020 /
Fix a Sagging Sofa

We all love our sofas they’re places for rest and relaxation and we often have a favourite seat. Constant use can result in sagging couch cushions, which in turn can look unsightly. A new sofa is a costly item so, what can you do to fix a sagging sofa and give it a new lease of life?

Firstly, you need to check if it’s the cushions that are sagging or whether there’s a problem with the sofa itself. Problems could arise with the frame or springs. If it is the springs you can find numerous videos showing you how to fix this by using a support underneath the sagging cushion. Most often however, it’s a simple matter of compaction in the cushion filling. If this is the case then you can easily remedy it by yourself, with a little help from F C Hancox.

Easy DIY to fix sagging sofa cushions

Can you fix sagging sofa cushions yourself? For loose cushions, the answer is yes, but where do you start? Replacing the insert of sagging sofa cushions is made simple by our foam cut to size service. We have instructions on how to fully replace the foam in a sagging couch cushion, on our ‘How to Measure Foam’.

Measuring the cushion

It’s best to measure the cushion before removing the old filling. Take it from the sofa and measure the length, width and depth carefully. Once you have these dimensions you can visit our foam cut to size page and follow the simple instructions, selecting the shape and inserting dimensions in the boxes. You then need to select your foam.

The best foam for replacing sagging couch cushions

After time seating foam loses its ability to bounce back into its original form causing dips or looking misshapen, this is typical of a sagging sofa cushion. How soon this happens depends upon the quality of the foam originally used, the denser the foam the more resistant to pressure it is and therefore longer lasting. FC Hancox has a range of foams to suit a wide variety of applications and budgets.

The two types of foam we recommend for seating cushions are standard CMF foams, which are high quality firm foams, and our Reflex foams, a high resilience product designed for comfort and support. There are also choices within these ranges. Our staff are always happy to speak with customers to help select the perfect foam for individual projects.

Better cushion support

Once you’ve entered your cushion dimensions and chosen your foam type you then have the option to add a polyester wrap and stockinette. This is a simple low-cost addition that will add to the longevity of your sagging couch repair. A layer of polyester fibre is wrapped around the foam and will provide extra comfort and support for the new foam. A good cover fits tightly over the foam, so enclosing it in a stockinette will make it easier to get your foam in and out of the cover.

More saggy couch solutions

You’re nearly there with your sagging sofa cushion replacement so why not add that little bit extra at minimal cost and your new cushions will be super comfortable. Cushion doming is where additional foam sections are placed within the foam to create a ‘domed’ effect. This will give your cushions an extra-luxurious plump look.

Before inserting your new foam do have the cover cleaned. Either professionally dry cleaned or washed according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

When a sagging sofa needs professional treatment

This article refers to sofa cushions that can be lifted from the base of the chair or sofa. Some sofas are designed with the cushions sewn into the base and no zipped access. In these cases, you will need the help of a professional upholsterer.

Safety and your sagging sofa

We have in this country legislation in the Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations (1988) to ensure that upholstery is safe, particularly from risk of fire. You must bear this in mind when replacing furniture or refurbishing furniture. All foams supplied by FC Hancox, (except for Calipore outdoor foam) meet the requirements of this legislation. 

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