Pallet Cushions

08March 2022 /

Pallet cushions can be easily made using any of several types of foam available from F.C. Hancox. Pallets are used for the latest in chic recycling, creating unique furnishings for the home, garden or business. In this article, we investigate pallets, how you might use them and how to create beautiful foam-filled soft furnishings to give the pieces the perfect finish.

What are Pallets?

Pallets are flat, shallow wooden structures designed to hold heavy weights so that they can easily be lifted by fork-lift trucks. The first wooden pallets were created in the 1920s and have become the most commonly used method for stacking, storing and transporting goods worldwide. Billions of pallets are in daily use, so it’s no wonder that some are discarded. Whilst some pallets are made of plastic, the vast majority are wooden, making them perfect for furniture. Designers and clever DIYers are repurposing pallets to make a whole range of furnishings. We have seen everything from coffee tables to shelving, from dining tables to outdoor bars, but a popular remake is using pallets for seating and beds.

Pallet Seating

Pallet Seating

Using pallets is an inexpensive way to create your own stylish yet inexpensive furniture and the sky’s the limit on the design of seating using pallets. Pallets can be stacked and covered or left open for under-seat storage. Seating can be created in any size, can be single seats or bench-style and even sofas and beds. Pallet seating can be constructed for indoor or outdoor use and designed around awkward spaces. What these all have in common is that once constructed they are finished off with pallet cushions and F.C. Hancox can provide quality foam for whatever type of seating created in any shape with our foam cut to size service.

Where can I buy Pallets?

Pallets can be acquired cheaply by asking local building companies or construction sites if they have any unwanted pallets. They can be purchased new directly from manufacturers or are available from recycling centres. You can often find pallets free of charge on local marketplace social media sites.

The advantage of buying new is that the wood is in pristine condition, however, with care used pallets can be just as good. Used pallets can have an attractive rustic patina not available in a new pallet. However, recycled or used pallets will need checking because liquids, such as paint, chemicals and foodstuffs might have spilt onto them at some point and could present a hazard. If you decide on used pallets, it’s best to check the condition of the wood before purchase.

When building your furniture, you will need to be ready to do some preparatory work, such as cleaning then sanding down. When sanding, make sure that you wear a mask to prevent dust from being inhaled. Dismantling pallets can be hard work, be prepared to remove lots of nails.

Pallet Furniture Cushions

Pallet Furniture Cushions

Once you’ve constructed your pallet seating, you will want cushions. Chairs, banquettes, benches, whatever type of seating it will be far more comfortable with a cushion. If you’ve gone to the trouble of creating a bespoke piece of furniture, then you’ll want to complement it with just the right pallet cushion. If you can sew yourself, making a box cushion will be relatively easy and even if not, there are numerous videos online to guide you. Alternatively, you could provide the foam and materials to a third party to sew for you. Whichever you do, the real benefit is that the choices of foam, fabric and finishes are entirely yours ensuring a unique piece of furniture that will become a talking point for your home or business.

What is the Best Foam for Your Pallet Cushions?

When selecting the best foam for your pallet cushions you need to consider their end-use. Are they pallet seat cushions, pallet sofa cushions or maybe pallet bench cushions?  Whatever the cushions are to be used for, consider whether or not the cushions will have heavy or light use. Are they being used indoors or outdoors? F.C. Hancox’s expert staff are on hand to help with your foam choices and our foam cut to size service will ensure your foam will be a perfect fit whatever the shape and size. 

Outdoor banquette seating made from pallets can look great on patio areas but if the cushions are to be left outside then a good choice is Calipore outdoor foam. This is specially constructed to allow water to pass through and has anti-mould properties, so this foam is ideal for pallet cushions used and left outdoors. However, this type of foam is not suitable for indoor use. For general use, we have a range of CMF foams. These are ideal for seating and range from general-purpose to firm foam. If your seating is indoor and to be frequently used you may wish to use memory foam, this is also good for chair backs. This foam moulds to the user’s shape and is very comfortable. There is also a luxury foam choice in reflex foam. Whatever your foam choice for your pallet cushions having the foam cut to size ensures there’s no waste.

There’s no doubt that the trend for recycling and upcycling will continue to be popular. Not only does it save money, but with imagination and hard work, some fantastic pieces of furniture can be created. It makes sense that if you are making seating from pallets then the perfect finishing touch is a great cushion. Choosing the best foam for your project and having it cut to be a perfect fit is where F.C. Hancox can lend a helping hand.

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