Where to Buy Foam

29June 2023 /

You have arrived at this article, Where to Buy Foam, on the website of a company that sells foam and if we answer the question with, ‘Buy foam from us!’ you’d be tempted to think, ‘They would say that, wouldn’t they?’ So, in this article, we are going to explain why we are a great company from where to buy foam for all kinds of applications.

Where to Buy Foam

F.C. Hancox is a family-run business. Begun in 1960 it is based on the south coast, in the historic town of Christchurch, and is now one of the longest-standing and experienced providers of foam and upholstery supplies. We not only sell to the trade, but the public can buy foam from us and enjoy the same trade prices. With a variety of foams available for a wide range of situations, we are also able to source specialist foams for customers too.

We have brilliant employees, all of whom know and understand the foams we sell and are skilled in cutting foams to exact sizes and shapes with our foam cut-to-size service.

Where to Buy Foam for Your Business or Project

You can buy foam in any quantity from F.C. Hancox, so whether you are a business looking to buy foam in bulk amounts or a crafter looking for small pieces such as for felting, then we are happy to meet your needs. Here are the principal foams that we sell and examples of what they could be used for.

Calipore Outdoor Foam

If you are looking for where to buy foam to use in an outdoor or marine situation, then Calipore foam is the choice and we’re happy to provide it.  It is specially manufactured for outdoor use. Its properties allow water to quickly pass through and air to circulate for quick drying. This high-quality foam also has antibacterial properties.

F.C. Hancox supplies these very durable outdoor foams to the hotel and leisure industry, the marine industry, and the public, especially for garden and patio use.

General Purpose Foams

Covering a very wide variety of uses. Our general-purpose foams are CMF foams of which we stock four grades. These are good options if you want to buy foam to use in seating. They are high quality and vary from hard to firm. This range also includes a value foam that can be used for the backs of seating and even for packaging.

General-purpose foams are supplied to upholsterers for furniture manufacture. They can be used to replace sofa and chair cushions and we have handy guides to help you should you wish to do this yourself. Take a look at our instructions here. We have some articles about renovating or updating your furniture too, made easier when you know where to buy foam!

Chip Foam

If you were wondering where to buy chip foam, this inexpensive utility foam is available from F.C. Hancox. This foam is made using recycled offcuts and leftover foams, hence its multi-coloured appearance. We have two grades available, CMF8 and CMF6.  CMF6 is very firm, and we supply this foam for contract seating and even church kneelers. CMF8 is the firmer of the two and our customers include gymnasia – it’s a great foam for gymnastic mats. Take a look at our article on how we came to the rescue of a soft-play centre when they were hit by a flood and needed to buy foam as soon as they could.

Chip foam may be budget, but its versatility helps it punch above its foamy weight!

Reflex Foams

These foams are called reflex foams due to their bounce back. We have four grades available and if you want to know where to buy foam that provides comfort and support but is less expensive than memory foam, then this is an ideal choice. This foam is brilliant for seating as it has high resilience though adapts to the body’s shape and then reverts to shape when not in use.

Reflex foams make good pillows and are known to relieve back and neck pain when used as a mattress as they support body weight evenly.

Memory Foams

Our memory foam is called Vasco 50. You may not consider foam to be very interesting, but did you know that memory foam began because of space technology? If you’d like to find out more, here’s our article on the very subject Memory Foam. Meanwhile, we can offer this great memory foam.

Memory foam’s properties mean it is ideal in medical situations as its ability to adjust to body shape relieves pressure points and supports the body. This is why it is used for mattresses for intensive care beds in hospitals and wheelchair cushions amongst others.  Memory foam is very durable and makes wonderfully comfortable mattresses.  Memory foam absorbs motion, so if your partner is a restless sleeper, you are less likely to feel them moving about, therefore giving you a better night’s rest. If you are looking to buy foam for a mattress, then memory foam is a great choice.

There are many situations where the supreme comfort of memory foam would be an advantage and it’s available in any shape or size. If you were wondering where to buy memory foam then it’s easy with F.C. Hancox.

Where to buy speciality Foams

Whilst F.C. Hancox offers a good range of quality foams suitable for a huge number of applications. However, there remain many types of foams, so if you know the particular kind of foam you need and it’s not in our listing, then do let us know. Foam is used for all kinds of things, for packaging, acoustics, and even for costumery such as Cosplay foam. If you want to buy foam for a specific reason, and you know the brand or type of foam, we are happy to source these on your behalf. If the foam you want isn’t available, then our expert staff will be able to advise on alternatives.

Buying foam online

You know where to buy foam online, but how do you go about making sure your order is exactly what you want? Buying goods online is now part of everyday life, but you want to be certain that you get the item or items you want. Buying foam online is easy with F.C. Hancox and our friendly, experienced staff are only a phone call or email away for any questions that you might have. Our foam cut-to-size service is what it says. You select the nearest shape to your requirements, enter the dimensions you need, select the foam type and you have a price. You may add other items such as a stockinette cover or maybe you need adhesives. At checkout, you can select payment and delivery options and soon your foam will be on its way.

Our checkout is not only easy but safe. Our website has all the features needed to make online payments to us secure. With F.C. Hancox, you can buy foam online with confidence!

Where to buy foam that is fire retardant

Fire Retardant Foam

Safety first. If you are researching where to buy foam that is fire retardant, then the simple answer is that all our foams are fire retardant, except for Calipore outdoor foam. You can read more about this subject here: Fire Retardant Foam. If you are buying foam for commercial use and need to buy foam with proof of fire retardancy, then a fire retardancy certificate can be provided on request.


When you buy foam from F.C. Hancox, delivery could not be easier. We deliver across the UK and to the Channel Islands. Our charging scheme is simple with the cost based on distance from our Christchurch warehouse. There are three zones, and we charge flat rates for deliveries within these zones. Once you have placed your order you can select your delivery options. Details can be found here: Delivery Options.

If the delivery address is different from the billing address you simply note this with the ‘deliver to different address’ option. If you are local, then you can buy foam online as usual and collect your order, simply choose ‘Collection’ in the shipping option. Please note, it isn’t possible for foams to be cut to size while you wait, please order via the website and choose ‘Collection’.

Whether you are in Glasgow or Guernsey, Glamorgan, or Grimsby, and you are researching where to buy foam, then the distance is no problem with F.C Hancox. We can deliver.

 (Sadly, at present we do not deliver outside the UK or to Northern Ireland.)

F.C. Hancox’s family tradition

F.C. Hancox is a family-run business that began in 1960 when Fred Hancox set up his upholstery supply business. Fred started a career in upholstery at a young age. He opened his first shop in Bournemouth in 1971. His son, Richard joined the family business helping his father on their Saturday market stall on Lymington Market before joining the shop in 1985. Seeing an opportunity to expand the business he moved into their first business unit in 1996 and since then F.C. Hancox has grown, supplying foam to businesses and the public all over the south of England and now beyond.

When looking where to buy foam, you can be assured that with F.C. Hancox, you are not only purchasing a quality product but have the benefit of decades of experience in the trade, ensuring you get the perfect foam for your project.

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